10 Reasons to Join The Coven At The “Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever”

Eclectic British pop artist Kate Bush’s career spans over thirty years – and on Saturday 15 July, fans around the world will don billowy red dresses to pay her first single Wuthering Heights tribute by recreating its iconic video en masse, for the “Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever”.  This first started with a flash mob called “Shambush” in 2013 and has been reaching greater heights ever since, with 22 countries participating last year.

After a turnout of hundreds on a rainy day last year, Brisbane’s “Prince of Retro”, cult/retro curator Kristian Fletcher is once again rounding up a sea of Kates to dance the good dance at Bedford Park, Spring Hill. The party will continue at the Jubilee Hotel with Kate videos on the whole night long. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why the day will be TRANSCENDENTAL – grab your chiffon and get weird!


10 Reasons to Join The Coven At The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever

1. It has choreography for the whole scope of human emotion – grabbing for your lover, a hot, greedy temper…being locked out in the cold. (Brisbane people facing winter dressed in only red chiffon won’t have to fake this one!) It’s a bit like the moody Macarena.

2.  How would you feel if the songs you wrote in your teens were released to the world? They’d be shit, wouldn’t they? Wuthering Heights was written by Kate when she was 18 she had become entranced by the original tale after catching the last few minutes of a BBC special on Emily Bronte’s gothic classic.

3. Cover artists, in the park and at the Bush Bash! Last year Brisbane’s beloved performers Meece and Mark made their own “Cloudbursting” machine out of cardboard boxes and gave us the precious gift of helium

4. You KNOW your dream aesthetic is “mad ghost lady in a red sheet”.

5. Kristian Fletcher has personally compiled hours upon hours of Kate Bush music videos for your viewing and dancing pleasure at the afterparty. If you didn’t think there was more to her videos than “Wuthering Heights”, or maybe that “Babushka” video where she wears a chainmail leotard you were very wrong! Kate spent several years training with famed choreographer and Bowie collaborator Lindsay Kemp and is also trained in mime – her performances are electric and mesmerising and her videos are a mad, theatrical treat, doing art-pop proud long before Lady Gaga was wearing nappies.

6. It really is the closest thing you will feel to being in a coven. Unless you’re in an actual coven.

7. Any level of dancing is accepted! You’ve just got to show up and add to the sea of red! Instructors will help you warm up on the day, but for the more limber and dedicated, there’s a good instructional video (mirrored and everything!) here.

8. Last year it got on the ABC news. Getting on the news is still 100% a big deal from where we sit.

9. Everyone is welcome! (Gold coin donation is greatly appreciated for the running of the event!) Men can be spurned, ghostly lovers, too! Here‘s a nifty tutorial for your own red dress if you’re having trouble finding an op-shop miracle!

9. Melbourne got several thousand people last year and it’d be really, really petty and really, really great to beat that.

10. The Kate Bush Bash sold out in a flash last year! Get your tickets while you can, here!


Brisbane’s Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever: Bedford Park, Spring Hill – 2:30 pm – 5pm, more info on Facebook. Cost: Gold coin donation to cover running costs
Kate Bush Bash: Jubilee Hotel, 470 St Paul’s Terrace, Fortitude Valley – 6pm – 10pm
Cost: $13.50 online, $15 at the door – More info on Facebook, tickets available here


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